Quantum Sonology: Solutions adapted to a constantly changing world



Directly accessible to the public, these Coaching-Free Products are Quantum Solutions based on the activation or deactivation of their Triggers, as needed, in the form of autonomous subscription management, via Email and SMS.


For food, the activation of the Triggers of Quantum Sonology strengthens their natural flavors, textures, increases their shelf life. The deactivation of certain triggers in the field of food processes ensures the quantum deactivation of harmful additives in the human body. 
For plants, the activation of the Triggers of Quantum Sonology strengthens their autoimmune capacities and their growth.


For animals, Quantum Sonology's originality lies in its ability to disable triggers of real emotional and instinctive causes, which are at the origin of most physiological disturbances.


For products without DNA, Quantum Sonology activate Triggers that strengthens the electromagnetic vitality of their molecules.


For individuals, the originality of Quantum Sonology consists in deactivating the "frequency Trigger" which causes the unleashing of true emotional causes, which are responsible for most physiological disturbances.

Certified Affiliates in Solutions with Coaching

The certified Affiliates in Solutions with Coaching are professionals trained in the techniques and products offered by Invertone and benefit from continuous online training